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Travel Stories from Canada and Around the Globe

2016 Earth Day in Cuba

Amanda Hale travels to Cuba to enjoy a Pachamama celebration and to reconnect with her adopted home.

Noel in the Northern Forests

Snowshoeing in Vallée Bras-du-Nord offers intrepid holiday makers an artist's view of Quebec's natural heritage.

Ireland's Hogwart Express

Dublin's rapid transit magically transports passengers through time and fairytale landscapes.

Confessions of a Budget Traveler

Richard Drake, in his “quest for enlightenment and salvation,” experiences the wide spectrum of India, from daredevil rickshaw drivers to his holiness, the Dalai Lama.

A Modern-Day Cowboy: Cycling the Canadian Prairie

A Modern-Day Cowboy: Cycling the Canadian Prairie

Adventure cyclist Brad Zembic wheels through Canada's breadbasket and discovers a virtual ocean

The Spirits of the West

Miriam Matejova and her sidekick Matt drive far off the beaten trail to Garnet, an abandoned Montana gold town known mostly for its ghosts.

Daytrip Liberation: Red Flags are for Feminists

Pummeled by white caps, avid rower Cheryl Cowtan paddles a fine line between her feminist ideals and the temptation to look for a white knight.

Holy Guatemala!

To whet his thirst for travel Jean Francois Martel ventures to Antigua where he bears witness to the local Semana Santa, one of the most flamboyant Christian celebrations on the planet.