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En Route to Le Gros Piton copyright jane spencer

A Haunting Piece of South African Heritage

Brad Zembic reminisces about the ghosts and gardens of an old cottage perched above the rocky shore of South Africa's Cape Peninsula.

Strolling in the river

A Wild Time in iMfolozi

Hiking the wilds of South Africa, adventure-seeker Brad Zembic lets his guard down and comes face to fang with some of the local fauna.

Karoo's Edge

Embraced by a Nation: A Canadian's Bicycle Tour of South Africa

Cycle Enthusiast Brad Zembic embarks on a trip of a lifetime through some of South Africa's most remote regions in a quest to deepen his relationship with this fascinating country.

Lusting for Lebanon

Lusting for Lebanon

From bookshops and bibles to beaches and bikinis, Sherveen Ashtari takes us on a tour of the cultural chaos in the Middle East's most vibrant country.

hiking zimbabwe

Hiking Zimbabwe-Style

During a two-day hike through Hwange National Park, Brad Zembic experiences firsthand conservationist Ian Player's belief that we “feel the soul of Africa through the soles of our feet.”

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An Unlikely Cairo

An unwitting tourist learns that in Cairo, one of the planet's most fascinating cities, sometimes going with the flow in this Pearl of the Nile can open up whole new world.

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Cape Town's Street Children: The Other End of the Rainbow Nation

South Africa is one of the world's human rights leaders, but a tour of the historic Cape Town reveals that this born-again nation is still experiencing growing pains.

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Shifting Gear in Africa's Kalahari Desert

While sniffing out lions in Southern Africa's Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Brad Zembic discovers an inhospitable land where plants and wildlife survive despite the hostile conditions.