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North America and Caribbean

2016 Earth Day in Cuba

Amanda Hale travels to Cuba to enjoy a Pachamama celebration and to reconnect with her adopted home.

Noel in the Northern Forests

Snowshoeing in Vallée Bras-du-Nord offers intrepid holiday makers an artist's view of Quebec's natural heritage.

The Spirits of the West

Miriam Matejova and her sidekick Matt drive far off the beaten trail to Garnet, an abandoned Montana gold town known mostly for its ghosts.

A Prairie Girl in Florida

BJ O'Brien leaves her prairie roots for a cross-state tour of America's Sunshine State.

Dempster, Canada's Highway of Discovery

Claire Smith's journey up the Dempster Highway to the Arctic reveals a country many Canadians think only exists in history books.

Stanley Park, Vancouver's Backyard Retreat

Stanley Park, Vancouver's Backyard Retreat

An early morning pedal around a city park on Canada's west coast is more than just a work out for cyclist Brad Zembic – it's a wilderness meditation that helps him survive life in the concrete forest.

montego bay

Taking the Plunge: Swimming with Sharks

Emotions run deep for Gary Pearson as he explores the “underwater rainforests” of Montego Bay, Jamaica.

A Modern-Day Cowboy: Cycling the Canadian Prairie

A Modern-Day Cowboy: Cycling the Canadian Prairie

Adventure cyclist Brad Zembic wheels through Canada's breadbasket and discovers a virtual ocean

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Step Dancing to the Malliardville Beat

Ready to put some joie de vivre into your step? W. Ruth Kozak reminisces about her wild weekend at Coquitlam's annual Festival Du Bois.

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Do You Know the Way to Moosonee?

Put a hundred down and hop aboard. A train trip to the Ontario hinterland on the legendary Polar Bear Express proves that a visit to the north isn't just for old fossils.

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A Saltspring Education

Anxiety-ridden city slicker Denise LaPointe learns a thing or two about living in the urban ant heap by spending a weekend on an idyllic island off Canada's west coast.

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Between a Rock and a Soft Place

Alberta mountaineer Hillary Russet goes on the hunt for a lofty piece of South African history in spectacular Kananaskis Country only to discover that that the Heaven she seeks is right beneath her feet.

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History Haunts Prairie Woodland

Yul Hager discovers a postage stamp paradise inhabited by ghosts amid Manitoba's golden, flowing wheat fields.