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Fresh Wind & Strange Fire: One Man's Adventures in Primal Mexico
By Lyn Fuchs
Coffeetown Press, pp. 121, (2014), $11.95
Reviewed by John M. Edwards

“Butterflies are sluts,” begins Lyn Fuchs (a man, not a woman) in a new book on Mexico titled Fresh Wind & Strange Fire: One Man's Adventures in Primal Mexico.

Immediately hooking the reader and flying into the flame, the feminine- and naughty-sounding auteur puts on his Ché T-shirt, grabs a Corona, and sets off on a gonzo razzle-dazzle of sitches, among the cosmic crumbling backdrops of Olmec and Mixtec and Zapotec civilizations, as well as amazing Mayan ruins.

Nicknamed “Lyndiana Jones,” Fuchs describes Mexico as unlike the usual paid advertisements, with fumblings that include buying fake documents so he can meet with shady local characters; eating unsavory iguanas (as usual, “tasting like chicken”); hopping trains, “campesino vans,” and “chicken buses ” with desperately poor migrants; joking around with drug traffickers like Subcommander Marcos; having a tooth painfully extracted without Novocaine by a witchdoctor; and visiting the remains of a Latin American concentration camp, more “terror” than “terroir. ”

Everywhere bitch-slapped by fateful warm Mexican winds and ethereal visions, Lyn Fuchs isn't just frigging around, downing tequila shots and popping peyote. This raconteur means business, big business. He is even more interesting than “The World's Most Interesting Man” from the Dos Equis commercials, in search of not only “corn goddesses” to woo, but the exact words to recreate and revise reality, Facebooking like Hemingway and Tweeting like Twain. Which is also evidenced not only in his previous book Sacred Ground & Holy Water: One Man's Adventures in the Wild, but in his brand-new online website Sacred Ground Travel Magazine (www.lynfuchs.blogspot.com).

John M. Edwards has traveled worldwide (five continents plus), with stunts ranging from surviving a ferry sinking off Thailand, to getting caught in a military coup in Fiji, to bussing Vietnam on a Larium buzz. A former editor at Pocket Books and Emerging Markets, John is now a freelance photojournalist, writer, editor, and poet. His work has appeared in Amazon.com, CNN Traveller, DVD Express, and many other publications..