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Central and South America

Argentinian Road Trip

Amal Chehayeb escapes the Canadian deep freeze to enjoy Argentina's stunning landscapes, colourful barrios and handsome, clean-shaven men.

En Route to Le Gros Piton copyright jane spencer

Was Jah My Pilot, Too?

Jane Spencer erupts with joy as she passes the Le Gros Piton endurance test on the volcanic island of St. Lucia.

havana from the inside out copyright A. Richter

Glancing Havana

Alexandria Richter paints a colourful impression of her recent visit to the Caribbean's most spirited city.

Expeditions with Ordúñez

Expeditions with Ordúñez

Amanda Hale's idea that "history is a palimpsest of the eternal moment" comes to life as she visits old friends and tours the ancient archaeological sites of Cuba's Taíno culture.

The Travel Itch

Solo in Santiago

During her sojourn in Chile's capital city, Jody Hanson discovers that solitary travel can be a soulful experience.

high on the amazon

High on the Amazon

Pirogueing among caimans in a dark jungle can stir up anyone's imagination. Taryn Hottman sets her poetic spirit free as she recounts her nighttime boat trip on Brazil's Amazon River.